The Dry Stone Walls Association of Australia was formed at a public meeting held in Ballarat in Victoria on July 27th 2002. The Association was established in response to an articulated need to ensure the survival and protection of this significant part of Australia's cultural landscape for future generations.

Statement of Purposes:

The Dry Stone Walls Association of Australia's aims to acknowledge, promote and celebrate the historical and contemporary contribution of the construction of dry stone walls in the shaping of Australia's physical and cultural landscape.

Its purpose is to liaise with and influence relevant government bodies and special interest groups in regards to the ongoing protection, restoration, maintenance and promotion of Australia's dry stone walls and thereby to:

  • promote and assist the statutory protection of dry stone walls of heritage significance
    (yet to be determined) at local, state and national levels of government.

  • foster and assist the identification, recording and classifying of Australia's dry stone walls that are socially, culturally, architecturally or agriculturally important.

  • promote good management of stone walls and in particular encourage their continuing use by addressing the concerns, issues and needs of farmers and property owners.

  • influence and assist the establishment and maintenance of a database of dry stone wallers currently practicing the craft in Australia.

  • advocate and assist the development and maintenance of formal training, assessment and credentialling processes and procedures.

  • influence relevant training institutions to introduce include and accredit the craft of dry stone walling as part of their formal curricula.

  • value and promote the dry stone skills and early settlement endeavours of Australia's European migrants.

  • acknowledge and promote the craft in the contemporary context as viable and practical options in rural and urban landscaping settings.

  • encourage, promote and facilitate opportunities for the commissioning of dry stone ‘Sculptures’ in private and public art applications.

  • explore and influence the breadth of opportunities to promote dry stone walls within local, national and international cultural tourism industries

  • foster and cultivate the promotion of dry stone walls and the craft of dry stone walling as 'value adding' components of other educative and leisure industries.

  • affiliate, co-operate and exchange information with similar or 'related' interest groups both within Australia and overseas




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